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Guerrillas of Liberation

  An international Arma III community now celebrating over 20 years of experience

ARMA Tactical Co-op

As a community, we have roots dating back to 2003 and the original ArmA: Armed Assault and ArmA 2. We were early adopters of Arma 3; our combined membership represents decades of MilSim experience.

Please use our community DISCORD linked below.

Weekly Operations

We conduct operations every Sunday night at 5pm GMT and Thursday night at 7pm GMT.
Our missions are created in-house and put an emphasis on realism, action and narrative.
We occasionally have optional mid-week missions that give members a chance to try out slightly different tactics.

Variety Gameplay

We understand the point that playing the same faction over and over can be tedious. Which is why we play as all kinds of factions Eastern, Western and any Independents. We also employ different compositions such as Mechanised, Motorised, Air Assault, Armoured or good ol' special forces.

Dedicated Framework

Our dedicated mission framework has been iterated over the years to refine and streamline our experience and we utilise this in all of our operations which are purely scripted and built by our in-house editing team.

Watch more videos on our Offical YouTube channel.


Before you can play in our private ops and be part of the community we ask you first apply to be a member.



Join our Discord and navigate to the Recruiting channel. You can read the Welcome channel for more information.



Once you ping the Recruitment channel, we'll organise a time and date to sit and talk and help setup.


Basic Training

Once you're setup we will go through a basic training together with a few other members to make you familiar with our style of play.


Full Membership

Once you have attended 4 sessions you will be promoted to private and become a member of our unit.

GOL needs you.

Join the discord and we'll get you up and running in no time.

Join The Discord
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